Apple Fritters – Modus

After the experimentations of the Symposium CoReMA, we are happy to share with you today the Recipe of CoReMA… with some English subtitles !

It’s the last season of the Recipe of CoReMA where Bruno Laurioux, Fabian Mullers and I will share with you evocations of different recipes from culinary book from the Middle Ages in France.

In line with the Cooking Workshop of de Symposium “the recipes”, which where mixing experimental archaeology and discussion between historians, we will propose you today some recipes while cooking in the beautiful setting of the Museum Parc Arkéos. Sometimes it will be on outdoor fire, sometimes inside or even in a professional kitchen.  

The goal here will be to focus on experimental archeology and comparative cooking to study the impact of the tool and heat source on the success & taste of bygone era recipes… and we start right now with a recipe from the south of France!

Apple Fritters From the “Modus viaticorum preparandorum”

It’s the only cookbook written in the Occitan Area (South of France). It was written in Occitan and Latin and is dated from the end of the XIV th century. According to the historian Carole Lambert, it displays clear influences from Italy and Catalonia. Want to know more about it ? Aim for Carole Lambert’ article ( or Bruno Laurioux book « Le règne de Taillevent, livres et pratiques culinaires à la fin du Moyen-Age » chapter VI ( DOI : ).

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